Another Tool For My Toolbox - Essential Oils

Posted on April 6, 2014

Have you heard about essential oils, but been a little skeptical?

I was a little skeptical too.  Not anymore.  About a month ago, with the help of essential oils, I stopped a serious bacterial infection from erupting in my finger.  By supporting my body naturally, I was able to avoid doctor’s appointments and I also avoided taking oral antibiotics, which severely harm good bacteria in the gut.  For all of you those that already know me, you know that I am very big on gut flora and gut health, as that’s from all health stems. 

Let me tell you what happened…

First to give you a little background, in the winter of 2011, I had a serious bacterial infection in my left pointer finger.  It started off with a lot of redness and my finger was really swollen, to the point that I could barely bend it.  It was throbbing!  Here are the pictures that I took after it had started to be bothersome.  This was a week before the Christmas holidays in 2011.  Pretty gross, huh?

The Dangers of Acetaminophen

Posted on October 17, 2013

Today's guest blog comes from Jennifer, who brings to light a very important subject and likely danger of common over-the-counter medications.  This speaks to the importance of living a REAL food lifestyle for optimal health.  In times that the body needs additional support, seeking a natural solution is best.  Thank you for Jennifer for sharing this!

My Two Year Gut Healing Update

Posted on August 9, 2013

April 14th, 2013

Here I sit, enjoying a glass of red wine on April 14th, 2013.  Today marks TWO years exactly since my last infusion of Remicade, a powerful intravenous drug which helped me to manage the debilitating symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis.  Here I share the beginning of my story as well the first year of my heath recovery journey.  When I wrote in March 2012, I had been on my gut-healing journey with the GAPS protocol for 1 full year and I had seen great signs of healing.  From March 2012 to this April 2013, even more aspects of my health showed improvement, demonstrating even more healing. 

July 7th, 2013 (about 3 months later)

Another Healing Story - Christine healing her gut and ovaries (endometriosis)

Posted on July 2, 2013

Recently, I am all about sharing stories – healing stories; stories of people who are digging down deep and reversing ill health and dis-ease, chronic conditions and truly healing their bodies.  In addition to those that I work with individually and whom I coach towards and through their own healing journey and recovery, I also work with clients that are generally working towards preventing common maladies that are typical of Americans:  auto-immune disease, cancer, obesity and heart disease, to name a few.  They are digging deep too.   And guess what?  The approach is identical in both scenarios (with different levels of intensity).  Simply put, it’s the way that our body heals that also helps prevent the common health maladies.  Also, it’s wonderful to see that outside of my work, I also come across more and more people in daily life that are realizing the truth in healing and prevention and taking huge steps.  And, they all have a story.  We all do.

Farmer Nora's Journey Away From Joint Pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Towards Health with GAPS!

Posted on May 20, 2013

Since I've been a Health Coach and since I've been through my own healing journey from Ulcerative Colitis, I've come across so many incredible healing stories.  My heart literally melts as I learn about the daily suffering.  Then, I rejoice in hearing about how they have taken their health in their own hands and how they are recovering from chronic disease.   

I'd like to share the story of my friend and farmer, Nora.  I met Nora a couple years ago as I discovered her farm Clark Elioak's Farm in Ellicott City, MD.  As one of my farmers, I trust her with the food that my family and I eat.  As a friend and as a fellow woman who is taking back her health, I feel so blessed to know her and I'm honored to be a part of her health revival. 

Here's Nora's story...


Farmer Nora’s Journey Away From Joint Pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

and Back to Health with GAPS!


Just LABEL It Don't TABLE It

Posted on April 10, 2013


This past Monday, April 8th, I attended the rally Eat-In to Label GMOs at the FDA in College Park, MD.   This was actually my first event like this.  It definitely won't be the last.

The whole fight with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms/Foods) right now is for the labeling so that when people purchase food, they know whether it contains ingredients which are genetically modified or not.  The fact that they aren't labeled, is completely absurd.  This is a clear lie to consumers and citizens.  GMOs are banned in Europe!  But yet they are safe for people here and me?  No, thank you. 

A Little Less Chaos. A Little More Coherence.

Posted on February 2, 2013

I attended a talk last week presented by an integrative internal medicine doctor.  Throughout the talk, he consistently came back to a particular term – coherence.  He expressed that a lack of coherence is disorderly and chaotic.  This can apply to chronic disease and chronic dysfunction both in our bodies and also in the current health care system.  He expressed the desperate need for an integrative approach to medicine and healing, to bring us all back to coherence.

The doctor also pointed out that “coherence” and “coherent” are words that mean truth.  When you are happy and well, your body, mind and spirit are coherent.  Furthermore, coherent truth is something with which you are at peace, even if it is controversial.  He provided an example of one’s belief of human life formation from a spiritual and religious viewpoint or from science and logical perspective.  That is surely a controversial topic but most times, one is at peace with what they believe.   

This distinction resonated deeply with me because the word “chaotic”, describing a lack of coherence, sparked so many thoughts relating to health and our mainstream misleading ways.