Everything You Want To Know About Stair Parts

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About Stair Parts

We offer some definitions of the words and expressions we use every day in the design. And manufacture of stair parts. Balusters: Elements of various shapes (round or square section, wood or metal) locate between the stringer of the staircase and the handrail. Riser: Vertical wooden panel closing the space between two steps of a staircase.

Escape or head-butt : Free vertical height between a stair nosing and the ceiling, or another step of the upper flight or any element of the building. It must not be less than 1.90m. Steps: Width of the steps, taken between the two strings of a staircase. Overall dimensions: Overall dimensions on the ground of a staircase. Railing: Set consisting of balusters and a handrail to provide protection against a vacuum.

Giron: Width of the step of a staircase measured from nose to nose on the stride line. Height of stairway or height to be climbed: Distance between the starting and ending levels of the staircase measured from finished floor to finished floor. Walking height: Distance measured between the upper faces of 2 consecutive steps of a staircase. Line of Stride: Imaginary line corresponding to the average trajectory of a person going up and down a staircase.

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