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Lymphatic Detox

Pocatello & Menifee

Foot Zone Therapy

Pocatello Location Only


Wholistic and non-invasive ways to improve your health is why we are here! 


Foot Zone Therapy

On the feet there are maps of energy signals that correlate to every organ and system of the body. Foot zoner therapy is the practice of accessing every signal to promote healing in each system. With the integration of stimulating the signals, and energy work we can work with the body to help it heal both physically and emotionally.


Lymphatic Detox

By helping your body to naturally jump-start your lymphatic system, we are able to get our body to remove toxins the way it was intended to. By helping clear the toxins out of the body, it is able to heal itself through its natural immune system, allowing for relief from a majority of issues we face in our day to day lives.

What to Expect: Lymphatic Detox



High Frequency

Each detox starts with high frequency. This tool uses a specific frequency intended to target lymphatic vessels and scar tissue. It helps to break down scar tissue and loosen the lymph fluid so that we can get it moving. 


Bamboo Cupping

Bamboo cupping is a non-invasive way to manually manipulate the lymphatic system to get it moving. By using this natural element, we are able to push through everything we just broke down and reduce swelling and inflammation in the body.


Percussion Therapy

Every person has a vibrational pattern. Using a tool that is meant to match your natural vibration, we are able to continue to move the lymph and allow the body to continue to do so even after the treatment.


What to Expect:
Foot Zone Therapy

When you arrive for your Foot Zone, you will be welcomed back to Kassie's office,  where she will have warm Himalayan salt blocks waiting for you. You will hang your coat, remove your shoes and socks, and have a seat with your feet on the blocks. The salt blocks will help to draw out toxins an impurities while imparting essential minerals to the skin. They will also help to clear negative energy. They help relieve anxiety, stress, and pain in the feet and legs. This is a complementary service included in your foot zone. Kassie will then begin your zone by applying a massage oil salve and essential oil to your feet which allows her hands to massage with ease. The essential oil will be one that will help your body and its specific physical and emotional needs. You will be able to read about the emotional components of the oil, and the foot zone as Kassie works on the signals of the feet for approximately 60 minutes. You are welcome to ask questions that might come to mind as you and Kassie discuss what is going on with your body and its emotions. By the end you will leave feeling relaxed, balanced, and healthier.

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