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Get to know the team behind Simplistic Wholistic. Being a mother-daughter team in all aspects of life, we decided it was simply ideal to go into business together. Each of us has our own journey and can offer you the help you need to start feeling better today!

Kassie Card

Foot Zone Therapist & Wholistic Lymphatic Detox Specialist

I have always had an innate desire to help those around me. Growing up with different influences in my life, I was inspired to work in the healthcare industry. This led me to graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration. Almost immediately after graduation, I  knew that while I loved healthcare, I hadn't found my niche. This led me to receive my certification in Foot Zone Therapy. ​After a few years of owning my Foot Zone practice, I found Lymphatic Detox. Learning what a healthy lymphatic system can do for a person changed and reframed my entire way of thinking, so I hopped on a plane a flew to Georgia to learn how to help my clients. I have loved every minute since!​While the wholistic approach to medicine has not been a part of my life since birth, because I was introduced to it in 2014, it has become a true journey and passion in my life. I love that everyday I get to wake up and help others find healing, balance, and closure in their lives through both Foot Zone Therapy and Lymphatic Detox. 

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Diana Hunt

Wholistic Lymphatic Detox Specialist

I worked most of my adult life in the mortgage industry, but the most fulfilling job I have is being a mom to Kassie and my son Dylon – even though they are both grown. I find joy in helping people and children. To that end, I love working with special needs children in the local school district. My journey to becoming a certified Lymphatic Detox healer began with receiving treatments from Kassie. I was amazed at the results on my own body, and knew I could help others. I immediately signed up for classes to learn these techniques. After completing certification in Georgia, I returned home and started working on friends and family. While I still work with the special needs children, I also help my clients maintain a healthy lymphatic system through High Frequency Lymphatic Detox. I am truly blessed with the people I get to meet and help through this work. I hope I can help you as well.   

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